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The Importance of Regular Clientele

When you work as a service provider at Cleos on Nile, Woolloongabba, it takes time, enthusiasm and commitment to building a regular clientele who wish to book you either weekly, fortnightly or when it next suits them.  This is no different to any other profession. If you are a service provider who has just begun her career in this industry, you need the patience for the task ahead.   Impeccable service and excellent presentation, as well as being on time for your clients’ bookings, will soon get the desired results.

The most desirable of all is the regular clientele. The gentlemen that you have established a relationship with, that works well for the both of you, where passion and business are well integrated.  Here the client feels more connected as he has some previous experience with you and knows your likes and dislikes and maybe some personal information about you that makes him feel that extra special.

The adult services provider scene in our beautiful brothel, Cleos on Nile, can be competitive, and being noticed is very important. Having that special booking with a gentleman feels really good, but having that same gentleman return on a regular basis is what being successful is all about.

Regular Clientele

There is a familiarity, a comfort zone. You and your client have built a good rapport, a positive professional relationship and understand each other’s needs and desires. A good long term regular client will get to know your personality, your likes and dislikes. There is much less chance of them surprise you with situations you are not comfortable with.

Some of them will even spoil you with gifts and treats.

Of course, this is not always the case, and it is important to never let your guard down with a good regular. They are human, and they can become too attached. What was once a very healthy and professional relationship can turn into one filled with emotion, jealousy and ill feelings. This is when it is time to say goodbye – no matter how good a regular he is.

At the end of the day, an adult service provider is a professional one, and this must never be forgotten.



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