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Sexual Anxiety - Woman in her pink and black lace lingerie on the lap of a man in white shirt and pants

The Fear of the First Encounter

Sexual Anxiety

While many men like women to believe that they are the kings in the bedroom, sometimes this just isn’t the case. Many men have sexual anxiety performance, especially when you’re interacting with someone for the first time.

News flash: There’s nothing wrong if this happens to you. It is perfectly natural to feel this way.

Any anxiety and other issues relating to the bedroom begin in the mind. Unless you have a medical problem the chances are that your mind is not allowing you to be as relaxed or feel as sensual as you would like to feel. Many men are embarrassed when things don’t happen as quickly as they would like.

The truth is, all men get it. It may not be often. If you would like to have more guaranteed success in this area, you may consider seeing a doctor for a prescription for the likes of Viagra or Cialis. But being nervous may happen for a various number of reasons that you have no real reasoning over. One non-related thought or one negative feeling, and when you are on the cusp of the moment, the moment disappears – it’s just gone. This becomes incredibly frustrating to all parties.

In an environment that is both private and discreet and with a lady that makes you feel at ease, this is probably the most comfortable situation you can be in. An understanding and helpful professional sex worker will understand the situation and assist you as much as she is able. A trusted lady is there to comfort, respect and share intimacy with you on a level that makes you feel comfortable.

Quit Obsessing

Okay, so you’re in the perfect brothel’s room you have hired to spend time with the beautiful lady of your choice. You’re looking in the mirror at your hair for about the hundredth time in the last hour. You can feel that you are anxious and you are hoping it’s not showing through your linen buttoned-up shirt. Did you put on too much cologne? Is the room going to be great for our experience together? What is she going to think when she sees undressed?

All of these anxious thoughts are quite normal. Chill. It’s going to be okay. Just relax. She is a professional lady. Chances are, she’s dealt with anxiety or nervousness from her clients more than once before. Stop contemplating how the night is going to go and just be there to enjoy the moment.

Forget About the Actual Act

Forget about sex

Hard, I know. But if you are focused on the event and wondering if you can do well, you’re pretty much psyching yourself out. There are so many worries men have that women just aren’t that picky about but seem important to the male and they get magnified in their minds. If you can put the act out of your mind and just enjoy the communication and getting to know each other part, everything will come out so much smoother. Make yourself comfortable and calm by engaging with your chosen lady in conversation you are both conversant on.

Just Be There

Easier said than done, I know. But look at it this way. If it’s in your mind and you are thinking about it and debating about all the things that could go wrong, it will eventuate that way. That’s just simple psychology. The mindset you put yourself in will undoubtedly play out in the real world.

Plus, a woman knows when you’re not focused on her and on yourself. It’s quite apparent. That in itself will decrease your fun together. Whatever the reason is when you hired a room at Cleos on Nile, whether it be for the moment, conversation, fantasy, intimacy or another reason, you will be self-destructing the experience before you even commence.

If you have a hard time getting the nervousness out of your head, there are a few helpful hints to remember to put you at ease. Place yourself in the room. Start noticing things around you and focus on those. Pick 5 things you can feel and touch. It could be the softness of the comforter on the bed or perhaps, even the pillows. Pick 5 things you can see. These are common techniques to stabilise you when having an anxiety attack. It also works when you’re simply nervous.

Once you’ve got a feel for the environment, if she seems to notice your discomfort, just be honest with her. Don’t try to act like you’re cool, just tell her you’re nervous. She’s not going to judge you for it or laugh at you.

A lady is not a typical date and there are no expectations as to what you need to do to impress for the second date. If you’re nervous about a date, your date may have built up her own ideas and personal thoughts about yourself. In a brothel lady situation, the beautiful ladies are there to put you at ease and make you comfortable. In actuality, your lady will probably enjoy your company more if you are just honest about your emotions.

In fact, let me tell you a little secret, most professional ladies actually like it when you show your emotions. Imagine that. You don’t have to be macho, egotistical, and confident 100% of the time. Nobody is really like that. We know this. Your lady knows this.

So, be honest, get all of the weird ideas out of your head, and just be there with her. Don’t pressure yourself, and I assure you the night will move along just fine.



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