Story Teller

Sexy Fantasy from a Story Teller

Maybe you have some sex fantasies to be told in a story that you are uncomfortable asking your everyday lover to do. So, what fantasy gets you going?  Maybe it’s the naughty school lady or a teacher and her male pupil who’s desperate for an A?  Storytelling is great, especially when you are dealing with taboo scenarios and controversial power dynamics.  In fact, it can be very empowering and it also allows you to work through all those scandalous fantasies stored in your fanciful brain … but in a safe manner.

Our ladies at Cleos on Nile would be more than willing to recant a story for you. In this way, you are not judged or rejected as our story teller ladies are open-minded. It’s perfectly normal and healthy to have sexy fantasies and there is nothing wrong with liking something or someone and conjuring up a scenario followed by sexy storytelling.